Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage begins from the second trimester at about 13 weeks of a pregnancy.

A new mother will be experiencing various pregnancy symptoms which will be a roller coaster ride for them during these periods; having to adjust to the irregular hormonal changes in them.

Benefits of Pregnancy massage: 

  • Balances hormonal level
  • Reduce aches and pain
  • Reduce fluid retention and edema
  • Promotes better sleeping pattern
  • Stabilise emotional and physical being


Duration     |    90mins 

1 session    |    $88



  • Prices for in-house treatment only.
  • Prenatal massage starts from 13 to 36 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Any complications to seek medical attention and with the approval of your gynae's advice and recommendation.


House-Call Services

Transportation Charges will be imposed between $18 - $25 depending on location.


What you need to prepare (housecall service)

  • Bath towels 2x
  • Matress
  • Pillows 2x