Post Miscarriage / Abortion Treatment Package

Having to go through a miscarriage, abortion or stillborn is a traumatic phase for a woman. 

Sadly, not everyone knows the importance of post treatment for this condition. There are various aspects from which Post Miscarriage/Abortion Massage covers:

  • Mental - Reduce cortisol level or stress hormones
  • Emotional - Prevents depression as mind relaxes
  • Physical - Improve overall well being and circulation. Prepares and strengthen body system for future pregnancy.


How does Post-Miscarriage Massage benefits

  • Release leftover blood tissue after a dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure.
  • Relieve abdominal cramps and pain
  • Prepares uterus for regular menstruation cycle
  • Balances hormonal and improves fertility
  • Restore body circulatory and reproductive system


First Trimester (1 -12 weeks)

2x Full Body Massage
2x Tungku
2x Jamu Wrap



Second Trimester (13 - 26 weeks)

4x Full Body Massage
2x Tungku
4x Jamu Wrap


Third Trimester (27 weeks onwards)

6x Full Body Massage
3x Tungku
6x Jamu Wrap



When to start
3 days to 1 week after procedure

What do you need to prepare

  • Matress
  • 2 bath towels




  • Prices are nett.
  • No hidden cost.
  • Transportation charges inclusive