What does Sengkak means?

Sengkak means the reposition of uterus/womb.

The treatment is well known as part of the Malay tradition and culture and now very much in demand for its tremendous benefits.

Benefits of Sengkak:

  • Reduces menstrual pain and abdominal cramps.
  • Relieves bloatedness
  • Regulates menstrual cycle and improves fertility
  • Reposition low or tilted womb/uterus
  • Treats frequent urination
  • Prevents and aids prolapse and endometriosis condition
  • Release/break down stagnant blood and tissues.
  • Promotes hormonal balance


What does the treatment includes?

  • Full body massage
  • Sengkak
  • Tungku (Hot Riverstone Compress)

Duration      |     75mins

1 session    |     $90


Jamu wrap   |   $20

(Modern strap Binder sold separately)


Castor Oil Treatment

Castor oil has been traditionally used to aid in cases with inflammation, pain, growths or when increased circulation was desired. For fertility treatment, we add Castor Oil therapy for: 

  • Supporting ovarian health
  • Supporting fallopian tube health
  • Supporting uterine health
  • Detoxifying before conception
  • Supporting Egg Health


 Duration    |   90min

1 session   |   $138


Fertility Cupping

Cups are placed on fertility points on the lower back, lower abdomen & leg areas.

Benefits :

  • Trigger and stimulates hormonal balances
  • Improves reproductive system
  • Increases egg count
  • Clears block fallopian tubes 


45min session   |   $70 


Combo Set

Sengkak + Fertility Cupping      |      $150


Housecall Services

We provide islandwide services. Transportation charges will be imposed depending on location.



  • Please ensure you are not pregnant.
  • Treatment can only be done from the last day of your menstruation and before ovulation period starts.
  • Please consult your physician and get recommendation before treatment.